Hospitals and Data providers
Medical areas
A confidential matchmaking platform

Is Hypherdata for me?

License real world data for your AI projects from our global community of vetted Data Providers.

For AI solutions
in software and medical devices
Gain easy access to fully indexed, high-quality real world data. Sourced worldwide, select from multiple geographies, device manufacturers, and other inclusion / exclusion criteria.
For Healthcare Providers
Hospitals, Labs & Imaging centres
Start sponsored AI studies by licensing real world data. Leverage our platform to identify innovation opportunities, unlock meaningful partnerships, and work with start-ups to accelerate AI development.
For Aggregators
of real world data
Commercial aggregators can unlock the value of their data across continents with new business opportunities, becoming a trusted source for real world data.
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For Organizations
seeking to integrate AI solutions
Identify and work with the right partners to integrate AI solutions, deliver impact, improve patient outcomes and solve specific healthcare challenges.
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Data and Services Catalog

Access millions of data points from vetted hospitals and partners

Accelerate breakthroughs
AI annotation
AI consulting

How does it work?

Private Data Request Submission
Welcome to our platform. Sign-up is free and easy. Enter key information to enable the matchmaking process. Your organization's name remains hidden until a contract is signed.
Confidential AI-driven Matchmaking
Our platform uses AI-driven matchmaking to provide you with meaningful data sources.
Get direct offers and responses from a global network of data providers before making a decision to engage.
Selection of offers from vetted Data Providers
Manage requests from one place and filter out the non-relevant partnerships. Review matches generated by our platform. Review matches generated by our platform. Select the best suitable options for further price negotiations and contracting.
Deal Room
Inside Hypherdata's Deal room, choose from several layers of permissions and accesses to members of your team. The perfect place to finalize negotiations and contracting with our standardized tools and documentation.
Payments and Secure Data Exchange
Discuss terms, conditions, and timelines in a secure manner. Control data flows and payments from one place. Accept and send payments regardless of the country you operate in.

Hypherdata’s platform supports contract management, agreement templates and project tracking once the agreement has been signed.
Improved Reputation and Product
The partnership doesn't end with a data transfer. Store all history in one place for future collaborations and audits. Drive breakthroughs efficiently, and strengthen reputation.
Our AI-driven Platform

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Powered by Cloud Architecture