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Are you building a product in life science? Are you struggling with different Challenges in moving your product to the next development phase?

Hypherdata is a closed matchmaking platform that helps organizations in life science access valuable data and services. Whether you are looking for data, specialized service, tool, or expertise, quality matters, and we deliver it.

We will confidently match you with the right partners to reach your next product milestone.

The Hypherdata platform is where you find data and services from other organizations or platforms. You get instantly in touch with the right partner to get access.

We are the layer on top.

Product Challenges are often complex and confidential. They require the right combination of Solutions and a dedicated platform to deliver the desired matchmaking experience.

Mehrzad, Hypherdata CTO
Our vision

Our vision

is for organizations in life science to be interconnected, data and services easily accessed, and progress made faster and cheaper for the ultimate benefit of the patient.

Our mission

Our mission

is to accelerate breakthroughs in life science by connecting the dots. We do this by matching companies with confidential product-related Challenges to specific Solutions offered by external parties.

Our team

Meet our founders

Jana Miniariková

Jana Miniariková

CEO, co-founder

Ph.D. in gene therapy (uniQure)

Formal experience
Entrepreneur (Antler)
Science and business consultant (PNO/ttopstars) Ph.D. candidate

10 years in Biotech (with several publications and one patent)

What does science represent for you?
Making sense of things. Knowledge - a basis for healing. It is empowerment and yet a puzzle. I find it truly fascinating.
How is your new role as a CEO different from being a scientist?
For me, entrepreneurship is very similar to research. First, you are executing a project based on a hypothesis. Then, you must gradually ensure that the puzzle's parts fit together. As a start-up, our testing environment is the market instead of a lab. That’s humbling.
Mehrzad Karami

Mehrzad Karami

CTO, co-founder

MSc in Artificial Intelligence (Vrije University of Amsterdam)

Formal experience
Founder in Residence, (Antler)
Technology advisor, all-round tech engineer, years of experience in building digital platforms in startups, research, biotech, fintech, MedTech, semi-gov

What do data and technology represent for you?
Science and technology are the cornerstones of human civilization and progress. We are lucky to live in this time when the right incentives and creative power, combined with data and technology, can help accelerate breakthroughs and improve life in all aspects you can imagine.
How is your new role as a CTO different from your previous activity?
The energy, creative process, and speed of innovation is the most remarkable part that I am experiencing here at Hypherdata. Being able to tune in to our loyal users and listening to their feedback is a priority. It is helping us create a technology-driven change in life science. Something this community has been looking forward to.
Sjoerd Geurts

Sjoerd Geurts

Co-founder, advisor

MSc in Entrepreneurship & New Business Venturing
(Erasmus University, Rotterdam School of Management)

Formal experience
Founder in Residence (Antler)
Co-founder (StudentCar, Symbid, Good Shepherd Entertainment)

What does entrepreneurship mean to you?
Building what you believe is correct with your co-founders (never alone). Something new, different, faster, better, or smarter. Find a way to ensure all stakeholders win. If you do that, you win too.
Why was the idea behind Hypherdata so good that you became part of it?
All stakeholders win with Hypherdata. And with (medical) science, the stakeholder is you and me.

Team members

Sigrid Berge van Rooijen
Sigrid Berge van Rooijen
Business development, Digital Healthcare expert
Rob Schubert
Rob Schubert
Business development, EIT Healthcare expert
Veronika Raczova
Veronika Raczova
Business development, Life science expert
Barbora Kvasnickova
Barbora Kvasnickova
Marketing, Multichannel communication
Laura Cabanova
Laura Cabanova
Business development


Joris Tinbergen
Joris Tinbergen
Matchmaking platforms
Corbin Norman
Corbin Norman
Marketing strategy
Youri Doeleman
Youri Doeleman
VC / incubator
Team spirit & values

We celebrate our

We follow strong moral principles and internal values. We support each other, communicate openly, and cherish integrity. We apply leadership and ownership to make our common goals happen. We created a culture of collaboration focusing on trust and security for our clients.

From an idea till today

How did it all start? With a Challenge.

Max has been diagnosed with Huntington’s disease: a rare, fatal genetic disorder. Unfortunately, there is no cure for this disease. But, many scientists are working relentlessly to develop a therapy.

One of the scientists was Dr. Jana Miniarikova. Jana (Hypherdata, co-founder) was working on her PhD. in a company co-developing miRNA-based gene therapy for this disease. She experienced firsthand the need for external data and other research-related services to fast-track product development.

During my Ph.D. studies, we collaborated with various universities and companies. The entire pre-clinical research counted for more than seven years. Looking back, we could have shortened it in half. The problem was and still is that we are scattered as scientists or product owners. We do not honestly know where to find the right solution or whether there is room for meaningful collaborations. There usually is. We don’t know enough and fast about it.

Jana, Hypherdata CEO, explains.

For Jana’s project, a large quantity of work had to be created in collaboration with other organizations. This required precious time to search for Solutions and build connections. In the end, doubling the development time – only to get the product to the clinical trial.

After my Ph.D., I didn’t see the point in continuing my research career in the lab. I preferred to be part of the Solution that changes the whole system.

Jana, Hypherdata CEO

Having one single platform for life science organizations to access data and services will result in: products reaching the market faster, less time and money wasted, and budgets allocated to more development. Which gives me hope for a better future.

And this is the reason behind Hypherdata.

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