Privacy Policy

  1. Introduction

ScientiCore sro, dba HypherdataTM, (” Hypherdata”, “we” or” us”) process personal data about you who; (i) are an authorized user or representative of a company which is a customer of Hypherdata, (ii) visit our web page, or (iii) come in contact with us in any other way, e.g., through our customer service. This privacy policy explains how we process your personal data and your rights under the data protection legislation.

  1. What is personal data, and what is the processing of personal data?

Personal data is any information that, directly or indirectly, together with other information, can be linked to a living person. This means that a range of different types of information, such as name and contact details, IP addresses, purchase history, and information related to a matter, is considered personal data. Processing is any action taken with personal data, e.g., collection, storing, modification, use for different purposes, altering, or deletion of personal data.

  1. What categories of personal data, for what purposes, and on what legal basis is personal data processed?

3.1 You, who is a representative of a Hypherdata customer

Suppose you are a representative of a customer of Hypherdata. In that case, we will process your personal data in connection with the customer’s onboarding and administer our relationship with and fulfill our agreement with the company you represent.

Categories of personal data

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Picture
  • LinkedIn Profile (if provided)


  • To provide services and support and administer the agreement with the company you represent.
  • To set up user accounts and user roles.
  • To send marketing to you, among other things, through email. You can opt-out of further marketing by clicking on a link in each message sent through email or SMS/MMS or by contacting us via the contact information below.
  • Obtain statistics on the usage of our services and test, develop and improve our services and technology platforms.
  • To fulfill legal obligations (e.g., accounting requirements) and to report criminal activity.

Legal basis

  • Legal obligation: To fulfill our legal obligations, e.g., accounting and tax legislation
  • Legitimate interest: To pursue a legitimate and compelling interest, e.g., to fulfill an agreement with our customers, test, develop and obtain statistics of the usage of our services, and communicate with you.

3.2 You who visit our web pages

Whenever you visit our web page, we collect the information you choose to submit to us, e.g., name, email address, and phone number. We may also collect personal data through cookies—Hypherdata’s use of cookies is described in our cookie policy.

Categories of personal data

  • Contact information: name, phone number, and email address
  • Surfing habits and visiting history: which pages have you visited on our (and other) website, and for how long
  • Demographic information: age, gender, civil status, address, and education
  • Sign-in credentials: email address and password
  • Profiling and movement patterns: choices and purchases made, number of clicks, location data, preferences, custom audience, and profile
  • Technical data: technical equipment used, timestamps, metadata, cookie ID, and IP address


  • To maintain, provide, test, and improve our web pages.
  • To offer you support when facing a problem on our web pages.
  • To send marketing to you, among other things, through email. You can opt-out of further marketing by clicking on a link in each message sent through email or by contacting us via the contact information below.
  • To create reports, review the effect of marketing campaigns, and create anonymized statistics regarding the usage of our web pages.
  • For management, development, and testing of our IT systems to ensure that our web pages uphold high quality and identify and prevent security attacks such as viruses.
  • To provide relevant and tailored offerings and advertisements to you.

Legal basis

  • Consent: we will only send electronic direct marketing to you if you have consented to this in advance.
  • Legitimate interest: we have a legitimate and compelling interest in processing your personal data, e.g., to provide you with marketing, to obtain anonymized statistics, and to manage, develop, test, and improve our IT system and services.

3.3 You who contact our customer service or otherwise interact with us

When you contact us, e.g., with queries to our customer service or when you otherwise interact with us, we process the personal data you submit to us.

Categories of personal data

  • Contact information: name, phone number, and email address
  • Customer service requests: information that you choose to submit to us, and information related to your inquiry


  • To communicate with you and administer your request
  • To analyze conversations to improve our communication and for your and our security
  • To obtain anonymized statistics regarding the usage of Hypherdata’s communication channels
  • To maintain, develop, test, and improve Hypherdata services and the technological platforms provided 

Legal basis

  • Legitimate interest: we have a legitimate and compelling interest in processing your personal data, e.g., to communicate with you, provide you with marketing and information, analyze conversations, and manage, develop, test, and improve Hypherdata’s services and technology platforms.
  1. Erasure of personal data

Your personal data is processed only as long as necessary to fulfill the purpose of the processing activity or to fulfill Hypherdata’s legal obligations. Information on retention times for cookies can be found in our cookie policy.

  1. Security measures for the protection of personal data

A high level of security for your personal information is of utmost importance to Hypherdata. Therefore, we have established appropriate technical and organizational security measures to protect your personal data from unauthorized access, modification, dissemination, and destruction.

  1. Limitations in the transfer of personal data

Hypherdata engages external partners and suppliers to perform services on behalf of Hypherdata, e.g., to provide IT services and to assist in marketing, analysis, or statistics. The performance of these services may entail such parties, both within and outside of the EU/EEA, obtaining access to your personal data. Therefore, companies processing personal data on behalf of Hypherdata must sign an agreement with Hypherdata to ensure a high level of personal data protection. Furthermore, concerning companies outside of the EU/EES, additional protective measures apply, e.g., by signing an agreement that includes the European Commission’s model clauses for data transfers, which can be found on the European Commission’s website. In addition, Hypherdata may transfer personal data to a third party, such as the police or other authority, in the course of an investigation or otherwise when obliged to it by law or governmental decision.

  1. Right to information and right to complain

You have certain rights concerning Hypherdata. If you wish to exercise any of these rights, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at the contact information set out below:

  • Right to access (register transcript) – a right to obtain confirmation and information of processing your personal data.
  • Right of rectification – a right to have your personal data corrected.
  • Right to object – is if the legal ground for the processing is based on balancing interests or it is used for direct marketing.
  • Right of erasure – a right to have your personal data erased. This right is limited to data that, by law, require your consent to be processed if you withdraw that consent and oppose the processing.
  • Right to restrict data processing – a right to demand that the processing of personal data is limited, e.g., if you oppose the correctness of the data. While the matter is investigated, Hypherdata’s access to the data in question is restricted.
  • Right to data portability – a right to request personal data to be sent from one data controller to another. This right restricts to data that you have submitted to us.
  1. Notice of changes to the privacy policy

We will update this webpage if we make changes to this Privacy Policy. If your consent is required due to the changes, we will provide you additional, prominent notice as appropriate under the circumstances and ask for your consent following applicable law.

  1. Contact information

ScientiCore sro (doing business as HypherdataTM), Pekarska 160/14, Trnava, 91 701, Slovakia


They are interpreted under the laws of the Slovak Republic, without reference to its conflict of law principles.

Effective:   01 September 2022