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We continuously monitor trends, forge new partnerships, and provide access to the latest RWE studies, empowering your team to drive innovation with cutting-edge data procurement methods aligned with industry needs.

Stay Ahead with Innovation

Gain access to a broad spectrum of potential buyers, encompassing research institutions, pharmaceutical companies, government agencies, and healthcare analytics firms.

Get funneled only relevant requests for data studies. Our pre-qualification process aligns with your protocols, ensuring a streamlined and protocol-compliant assessment.

By monetizing data that would otherwise remain unused or underutilized, create new revenue streams to supplement the existing sources of income, support strategic initiatives, and reinvest in patient care, infrastructure, and technology.

Set-up Retrospective Data Studies

Manage Retrospective Data Studies from one place

Manage Retrospective Data Studies from one place

Increase Procurement Efficiency:

Say yes to a simplified procurement process, from request submission to study completion, reducing administrative overhead and inefficiencies.
With centralized management features, easily track the progress of your data studies, communicate with providers, and access all relevant documentation in one convenient location.
With granular control over user access, you can ensure that sensitive data remains secure while enabling collaboration and coordination across teams.
Global Impact

Contribute to secondary use of Real World Data to:


Advance Medical Research:
By opening data for secondary use, researchers can utilize real world data to conduct studies, analyze trends, and develop new treatments, ultimately leading to improved healthcare outcomes and the development of breakthrough therapies.


Enhance Clinical Decision-Making:
Healthcare organizations can leverage real world data data to identify best practices, track patient outcomes, and personalize treatment plans based on real-world evidence, leading to more informed and effective patient care.


Drive Operational Efficiency:
By sharing anonymized data with external stakeholders such as researchers, pharmaceutical companies, and policymakers, hospitals can foster collaborations, streamline administrative processes, and identify areas for improvement in healthcare delivery. This ultimately leads to more efficient resource allocation, reduced costs, and better overall management of healthcare services.


Improve Population Health Management:
Access to comprehensive datasets allows to gain a deeper understanding of population health trends and disease patterns within their communities. By analyzing this data, healthcare organizations can identify at-risk populations, implement targeted interventions, and allocate resources more effectively to address public health challenges and improve overall population health outcomes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

E-auctions for pharmaceutical companies and start-ups offer a streamlined and cost-efficient method to procure high-quality datasets from healthcare providers. By using a digital auction platform, these companies can invite multiple providers to bid, including their existing vendors, driving down costs through competitive pricing while ensuring transparency and speed in the procurement process. Clear definitions of data requirements, robust evaluation criteria, and secure, compliant handling of bids are essential to maximize the benefits of e-auctions, ultimately enabling data consumers to receive the best possible bid.

To become a data provider on our platform, you can start by visiting our website and signing up for an account. During the quick sign-up process, you will be prompted to provide some basic information about yourself or your organization. Once you’ve completed the sign-up, you’ll gain access to our platform and our partnerships team will reach out to start the vetting process. Meantime, you are encourage to submit data offerings via simple data offering forms to speed the onboarding process. We welcome data providers from various industries and domains and are always looking to expand our dataset offerings to better serve our users. If you have any specific questions or require assistance during the vetting process, please don’t hesitate to contact our partnerships team directly.

To become a data consumer on our platform and to be able to launch the e-auction campaign, you can start by visiting our website and signing up for an account. During the quick sign-up process, you will be prompted to provide some basic information about yourself or your organization. Once you’ve completed the sign-up, you’ll gain access to our platform. As a registered data consumer, you can submit a data request via a simple data request form. Once you submit the data request, our partnerships team will reach out to start the vetting process to initiate the e-auction. If you have any specific questions or require assistance during the vetting process, please don’t hesitate to contact our partnerships team directly.

Since we work with hundreds of data providers who update their collections regularly, our approach to finding a right data partner is different from standard data repositories. Our platform features AI-based e-auction tool to help you discover datasets relevant to your specific requirements in real time. Submit data requests quickly, review and launch e-auction under conditions you prefer, receive bids from multiple providers in a fraction of the time it would take through traditional methods. More on the approach here.

Hypherdata is building a proprietary database of datasets, however, to date, most of the datasets sold are through third party data providers. This allows us to offer a diverse range of datasets covering various medical domains, data modalities and quantities, which is currently impossible to provide via a single database. Choose from a diverse range of data sources, geographies, and formats, including electronic health records, imaging, claims data, patient registries, and more, tailored to your specific research needs. These collections include structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data to cater to different analytical needs.

We uphold data providers accountable for maintaining the quality and accuracy of the datasets they promote on our platform. To ensure this, we implement measures such as allowing for sample verification and spreading data delivery across several milestones or deliverables. Additionally, we facilitate a dispute period during which discrepancies or issues with the data can be raised and resolved. By holding data providers responsible and providing mechanisms for verification and dispute resolution, we strive to maintain high standards of data quality and accuracy for our users.

In the rare event that you encounter data inconsistencies or errors in a purchased dataset, we provide mechanisms to address such issues promptly. Our datasets are delivered in phases, allowing for thorough review and verification. During this period, if you identify any inconsistencies or errors, you can raise them within the dispute period. We take data quality seriously and strive to resolve any discrepancies efficiently. Our support team is available to assist you throughout the process, ensuring a smooth resolution and your satisfaction with the purchased dataset.

Our datasets are updated continuously, reflecting the real-time nature of the data we offer. Our providers collect real-world datasets continually, ensuring that consumers have access to the most up-to-date information. In addition to real-time data, we also provide historical datasets, offering insights into past trends and patterns. This approach enables users to subscribe to and access both historical and real-time data, facilitating the creation of real-world evidence for various applications and analyses.

Instead of engaging in time-consuming contract negotiations with multiple users, individually. Hypherdata offers standard licensing agreements to conclude projects faster. We ensure transparency and compliance with licensing agreements to protect the rights of both data providers and consumers. However, if customization is required, our platform module allows for uploading and editing specific terms and agreements, while allowing the efficiency of editing the documents from one place.

Yes, it is a standard practice to access sample data or preview a dataset before making a purchase. This allows you to evaluate the quality, structure, and relevance of the dataset to ensure that it meets your needs before committing to a purchase.

The usage rights and restrictions for each dataset are specified in the licensing agreements provided by the data providers. While some datasets may have restrictions on commercial use or redistribution, others may allow more flexibility depending on the terms of the license. We encourage data consumers to review the licensing agreements carefully to ensure compliance with usage restrictions.

Data privacy and security are top priorities for us. We adhere to strict data protection regulations and industry best practices to safeguard the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the datasets on our platform. We implement robust security measures, encryption protocols, access controls, and data anonymization techniques to protect sensitive information and mitigate security risks.

Our platform is accessible globally, and we strive to make our datasets available to users worldwide. However, certain datasets may be subject to geographical restrictions or licensing limitations imposed by data providers. We provide information about any such restrictions or limitations on our platform to help you make informed decisions about accessing or purchasing datasets.

Our datasets are priced dynamically, with factors such as complexity, size, and value of the data, as well as the licensing terms, influencing the pricing. Additionally, we employ a bidding system where data providers can place bids on datasets they’re interested to collect. This competitive bidding process helps drive the price down, ensuring that data consumers can access datasets at competitive rates. We strive to offer transparent pricing models that accommodate various budgets and needs, while also promoting fair competition among users.

Generally, our pricing for data providers is based on a revenue sharing model. The percentages may vary depending on the type of dataset, licensing terms, and other factors. We strive to offer competitive revenue sharing that reflects the value of the datasets and ensures fair compensation for our data providers. Hypherdata fee is included in the final price of the dataset.

Our pricing model for data consumers is designed to provide flexibility and transparency throughout the data procurement process. Submitting a data request and receiving first feedback from our team is free of charge. After the initial feedback from our team, the data consumer decides to launch the e-auction and publish the data request to receive bids from data providers, Hypherdata will charge a publishing fee. This fee covers the administrative costs associated with managing the e-auction process and facilitating communication between data consumers and providers. It’s important to note that licensing real-world data is rarely happening off the shelf, and this fee helps cover the additional complexities involved in negotiating and finalizing data licensing agreements. If you have any questions about our pricing model or require further clarification, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team.

Yes, we provide support and assistance for data integration and analysis to help you maximize the value of the datasets you purchase from our platform. Our team of third party experts is available to assist you with data integration, API access, data processing, analysis tools, and any other technical or analytical support you may need to leverage the datasets effectively for your projects.