At Hypherdata, we are connecting players in the world of life science. We find and connect innovative and game-changing organizations through our affiliate partners program with clients who request health data or AI solutions. Digital Health is among the industries we have at heart.

This industry plays a crucial role in unifying health standards across countries, making it possible to co-create a safe, secure, and connected ecosystem, crossing global borders. Building international alliances is, therefore, at the forefront of Hypherdata’s long-term strategy. The new affiliate partner to welcome onboard is Nubentos – simplifying healthcare software integration.

Partnering within the digital health systems – accelerates breakthroughs

The professional relationship between Hypherdata and Nubentos brings additional advantages for our clients in Digital Health. For example, the time reduction of a project is between 9 to 15 months, and the cost savings might be up to 85%.

This partnership with Nubentos underlines our ongoing efforts to connect to already existing ecosystems of Digital Health Solutions and to accelerate product development in life science at scale. We can accelerate matchmaking by connecting our clients with an already existing network of health solutions available via the Nubentos Innovation Ecosystem. Let’s collaborate and accelerate all together.
Jana, CEO and Co-founder of Hypherdata says

Business collaboration among clusters of organizations or communities of experts is the only chance for us all to improve Healthcare and make discoveries earlier.

Partnership with Hypherdata represents another solid step in Nubentos strategy, powering our Innovation Ecosystem for Digital Health. With a matchmaking expert in training data for ML and DL models for the Health industry. The partnership will help our clients and providers procure datasets much faster and cheaper, creating better AI-based health innovations.