While working on Huntington’s disease treatment, she faced a lack of data and cooperation. So Jana Miniarikova decided to find a remedy for this problem.

Being solitary costs money and time

Max has been diagnosed with Huntington’s disease: a rare, fatal genetic disorder. I think you know; currently, there is no cure for the disease. However, many scientists are working hard to develop a therapy.

One of the scientists was Dr. Jana Miniarikova. She experienced the need for external data and other research-related services to fast-track product development herself.

In life science, researchers create a portion of work in collaboration with other organizations. It all requires precious time to search for the right connections and build the correct relationships.

We believe that 1) talking to ’’my close network and 2) googling ‘the fix’ has a high chance of you missing the innovation entering the market and finding smaller companies with a perfect Solution for your product Challenge.

The entire preclinical research lasted more than seven years. Working alone prolongs development. Creating connections between researchers is slow and expensive. We need to change this. Looking back, we could have shortened the fundamental research in half.
Jana, Hypherdata CEO, explains

We believe that googling ‘the fix’ has a high chance of you missing the smaller company with a perfect Solution for your Challenge.

Partnering brings cost cuts and fast development.

Hypherdata aims to create meaningful partnerships based on exchanging data and services among players in life science, such as companies, universities, hospitals, and individuals. We aim to accelerate the innovation processes for each player to benefit all.

As with many start-ups in Life Science, a large quantity of work has to be outsourced or created in collaboration with other organizations. This work requires precious time used to search for Solutions and build connections.
In the end, you are doubling the development time.

Imagine you, as an organization from research and development, have access to the Hypherdata platform. You can review the Solution available on the market before starting your development. With this, you connect fast to the right partner. Datasets or services are ready to be purchased and used. Reusing existing data is much cheaper than creating new ones. As a result, you can focus on other parts of product development.

Having one platform for Life Science organizations to find the Solutions they need for their research and development will accelerate new products reaching the market faster, waste less time and money, and allocate new budgets to more growth.

This is why Hypherdata was founded. We are scientists, artificial intelligence/Machine Learning experts, and entrepreneurs. Hypherdata is the connective tissue between those with a product Challenge and those with the Solution.