Datasets are collected every day. You can see it trending in any sector today. But, are you aware data you accumulate can be re-used? For example, in life science, an organization detecting skin tumors using Artificial Intelligence needs skin tumor data to train this Artificial Intelligence.

The right environment is here to help. A platform where you can find data. 

We deliver an online platform to access, confidentially, data and services that others have already created. Connect securely, set conditions, comply with regulations, and advance product development. The new Solution Partnes are constantly onboarded from all over the world. We are mapping the health data market in European Union and the USA.

Data collected daily also bring a handful of Challenges regarding technical and privacy issues. For instance, a Challenge can be a need to clean clinical data, make the data AI-ready, automate data visualizations, improve data architecture, and deploy a machine learning algorithm. We can provide you with these Solutions to make your data reusable.

We have mapped out the market for AI solutions. 

The entire data process usage in our network is covered. Therefore, we can resolve even a complex Challenge.

The need for data is the first step. You might find data sets relevant to you but not acceptable for your Artificial Intelligence. Although data is here, you are not able to use it.

How? By cutting the Challenge into smaller parts. You can have each task solved by a different Partner. To gather all relevant information, we carefully review each Challenge. You can receive data samples or other materials before matching with the final partner. The whole matchmaking process is monitored and moderated by Hypherdata for the benefit of both parties.

Find the right Solution for your data Challenges. It is easy.


The process is straightforward:

  1. Sign up or log into the platform and confidentially submit your product Challenge. Give as many details as possible. It helps us identify all hidden needs – sometimes hidden from you. Your identity will remain anonymous until you choose the right partner. 
  2. The platform will propose several Solution Partners offers on how to solve your Challenge and for what cost. 
  3. You will select the best-suited proposals and enter into the conversation with them. 
  4. Hypherdata will support negotiating terms and timelines. 
  5. Agreement sign-ups follow in the time and conditions you are ready for.
  6. The last step is the START of the project.