Mission & Team

Our Mission

Founded by a scientist, an AI/ML expert and a serial entrepreneur, HypherData is the connective tissue between those who have a data challenge and those that have the solution.

HypherData is the first B2B Data Solutions Matchmaker specifically catered to help Life Science companies overcome (new) AI/data complexities and obstacles by making it easier to navigate the array of innovative solutions available. We believe Googling ‘the fix’ has a high chance you miss the smaller company that has the perfect solution for you.

Whether this solution is a specialized service, tool, expertise or data itself, HypherData will find the right partner.

Co-Founding team

Three co-founders with complementary disciplines founded this company. HypherData's team and advisory board has the drive and scientific, technological and business expertise to make our mission a reality.

  • CEO Dr. Jana Miniarikova with a 10-year experience in commercial and non-commercial R&D

  • Drs. Mehrzad Karami can be considered a technology guru with over 20 years of experience in AI/ML & Blockchain

  • COO MSc Sjoerd Geurts has 12 years of entrepreneurial experience with two exits.

Dr. Jana Miniarikova

(CEO-domain expert)

As a scientist herself, Jana believes that scientist can work more efficiently as a synchronized network with a common goal to understand and improve life as opposed to fragmented and disconnected units that compete with each other. Jana has an unstoppable drive to advance Science, carried together with strong core principles of community, responsibility, ownership, collaboration, accountability, and transparency.

    • PhD Cell/Gene Therapy

    • Co-developed a gene therapy for Huntington’s disease (uniqure.com)

    • Co-author of a patented research of uniQure’s AMT130 therapy

    • Grant writer and consultant to SMEs & Academics in LIfe Science

    • Raised over €10M in EU grants

Sjoerd Geurts, MSc.

(COO - Serial entrepreneur )

Entrepreneur for over 12 years with international experience in various thriving industries. For Sjoerd, efficiency and improving or inventing new processes is a top priority. Currently, he is determined to grow HypherData into a powerful innovation appreciating B2B marketplace for new AI/ML solutions where the smaller company can shine tackling today's data challenges.

    • MSc Entrepreneurship, BSc Business Administration
      (Rotterdam School of Management)

    • 4th time Entrepreneur

    • 9 yrs experience running platforms and marketplaces

Drs. Mehrzad Karami

(CTO - Deep tech expert)

Passionate about technology and how digital transformation can renew and reinvent markets, Mehrzad believes in using technology to empower Science and accelerate the path to new discoveries. Mehrzad’s goal is to make collaboration easy, secure, and trusted, and by doing so giving back to the scientific community for their everyday effort to make lives better on this planet. Mehrzad has worked in multiple domains including Startups, Laboratory research, Finance, and Public Sector accumulating over 20 years of experience in building digital platforms and leading teams to create effective workflows.

    • MSc in Artificial Intelligence (Vrije University of Amsterdam)

    • Expert Full-stack engineer

    • Over 20 years of experience in building digital platforms