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Hypherdata empowers over 500 innovative companies to accelerate precision medicine that matter.

Organizations including Pharma
Vetted medical data providers across NA, EMEA, LATAM, APAC
Medical areas including oncology, cardiology, neurology and other
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Vetted Data Provider

Access data quality you need, faster then traditional methods

Access data quality you need, faster then traditional methods
Train your AI models on millions of data points from vetted reputable hospitals and research institutions from Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.
Eliminate the tedious process of searching for data providers through endless lists and directories or relying on your KOL network.
Submit data requests quickly, receiving bids from multiple providers in a fraction of the time it would take through traditional methods.
Instead of engaging in time-consuming contract negotiations with multiple data providers individually, use Hypherdata's standard licensing agreements.
Electronic Medical records
Laboratory Data
Patient Reported Outcomes
Lower Cost

Save on headcounts and pick the lower bid

Save on headcounts and pick the lower bid
Eliminate extreme pricing variation thanks to competitive bids from a network of 500+ vetted healthcare data providers
Say yes to a simplified procurement process, from request submission to study completion, reducing administrative overhead and inefficiencies.
Down-bidding of Cost of Data
Multiple Pricing Options
Lower Pricing Variations
Reduce Headcount cost
Streamlined Procurement

License data without the headaches

License data without the headaches
Ensure timely access to appropriate data by overcoming traditional barriers, through precise, efficient pairing services, streamlined bidding, contracting, and data exchange between data consumers and providers.
With centralized management features, easily track the progress of your data studies, communicate with providers, and access all relevant documentation in one convenient location.
With granular control over user access, you can ensure that sensitive data remains secure while enabling collaboration and coordination across teams.
Standardized Contracting Process
Escrow & Secure Data Exchange Vaults
AI-assisted Matchmaking
Data study set-up

Go from frustrated with data partner search to effortlessly access retrospective real world data and build insights

Private Data Request Submission
Sign up for free and anonymously request retrospective data from our global network of data providers.
Get multiple bids from providers
Manage requests, offerings, and bids from one place.
Engage with selected providers
Filter out non-relevant collaborations and select the best suitable options for further study set-ups.
Streamline contracting
Fast-track contracting with standardized agreements and documentation.
Manage studies and payments
Control data flows and payments from one place.
Review data study history
Review all historical requests, data, and payments in one place.
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